Frequently Asked Questions



1. Q. Does the vinyl discolor?

    A. The vinyl will not discolor as VPS only sources its' vinyl from high quality and reputable suppliers, such as Xpel, known to produce a high quality vinyl that is resistant to discolouration. Xpel also warrants its product up to 10 years from installation for any peeling, cracking, yellowing, and hazing.

2. Q. Will the adhesive damage the vehicle’s paint or clear coat?

    A. No, as the adhesive is specifically designed to be easily removable at any time. The film will adhere to the vehicle’s paint and can easily be removed with heat as it is slowly peeled back.

3. Q. How long does paint protection film last?

    A. Xpel's paint protection film can last up to 10 years after being properly installed and is removable at any time during that period without adhesive residue remaining on the vehicle. 

4. Q. Will the edges peel?

    A. VPS uses a sealant on all necessary edges to ensure that no water or other substance can enter beneath the vinyl and allow the vinyl to peel. 

5. Q. Is the film resistant to damage such as scratches and door dings?

    A. Yes, the vinyl is self healing and is designed to protect the vehicle’s paint from scratches, door dings, and stone chips. Scratches on the self-healing vinyl will disappear when the surface is heated or rinse with warm water. 

6. Q. Can the film be washed or treated as you would with typical car paint?

    A. Although there are specific products designed for vinyl, the vinyl can be washed, brushed, and waxed as natural vehicle paint would.

7. Q. Can the film be pressure washed?

    A. Yes, the film may be pressure washed but it is recommended that the edges should be carefully washed in order to avoid any issues. It is also recommended that the film is not pressure washed too closely to prevent any damage to the vinyl caused by high water pressure.

8. Q. Will the cold affect the film?

    A. Like all plastics, the film becomes more brittle in the cold. Once the film is properly applied to the vehicle and the adhesive is cured, the film will remain on the vehicle without being affected by the cold.

9. Q. Can a vehicle be wrapped if it has rust or is damaged?

    A. No, a vehicle must be in good condition to be wrapped. Any paint chips or rust should be repaired prior to wrapping the vehicle in order to ensure the film properly adheres to the desired area. Paint protection film is typically used on vehicles that are in good condition to protect the paint against paint damage such as chipping and scratching and maintain that condition of the paint

10. Q. Does the vinyl appear the same as typical vehicle paint would?

      A. Yes, if a vehicle is fully wrapped in a different color, the wrap appears as a new paint job. Otherwise, if the vehicle is wrapped in clear, the wrap appears as invisible and seamless. The film also appears smooth and is available in gloss or satin finishes.

11. Q. Will seams show on the vehicle?

      A. Xpel paint protection is nearly invisible when applied to the vehicle. Therefore, seams and edges are practically unnoticeable.